SetMargins - поля страницы или отступы $pdf->SetMargins(20, 10, 10);
There are several ways to make a async call with PHP. I will describe in this post how to Asynchronous POST a PHP Array to a php script with cURL making a "fire and forget" call, meaning that we will post the data and we will not wait for a result.
// Добавляет Canonical function pages_in_theme_preprocess_html(&$var) {   $canonical_tag = array(     '#type'       => 'html_tag',     '#tag'        => 'link',     '#attributes' => array(
// Создаёт папки по пути, если их нет: sozdanie_papok_po_puti(folder1/folder2/) function sozdanie_papok_po_puti ($path){     $DOCUMENT_ROOT = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"];     $path_to_cache = $DOCUMENT_ROOT .'/'. $path;     $url_arr = explode('/', $path_to_cache);          foreach($url_arr as $value){
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 // Транстелирирует по друпалу и моим правилам
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